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The Leather

Bakers of Cloyton Leather

A by-product of the meat industry, these fabulous hides save tonnes of waste going to landfill. When leather comes to the end of its usable lifetime, it will biodegrade. It is a strong and durable material which, with the proper care and repair, can outlast you! All our leather is sourced from reputable companies and on arrival each hide is checked before the first cut is made.

A natural product, it’s one of the best things to be against skin. Our products are all cut from appropriate parts of individual hides- this means in the event an animal becomes caught up, the leather will give way, not the metalwork. Better yet- once the situation is back under control and safe again- the item can be easily repaired. It is for this reason any of our rope/webbing products will always have leather ends as a breakpoint.

The Lorinery

Lorinery from Abbey England

Lorinery refers to the bits, buckles, spurs, stirrups and metal items of a horses harness  (we leave the horseshoes to the farriers!). Most of our metalwork is sourced from Abbey England foundry in Walsall.

All fixtures and fittings used in our products are of the highest standard and are individually inspected and checked for safety, suitability and finish. On our site most of our metalwork is "Brass" or "Nickle"- however please not that our nickel buckles are actually nickel plated brass- so you get that fabulous silver sheen but retain the strength and durability of the brass. 

Textiles, hessian, collar check, newmarket wool and tattersalls check

The Textiles

Using only the best of natural fibres our textiles are both hardwearing and kind to skin. Soured locally and from reputable companies we will always work to find the best fit for your item.

Wether its a bag lining or padding on harness all our textiles are individually inspected for quality and suitability. 

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