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We cater to a wide range of equine disciplines and stable wear. Whether you're having trouble finding the right size or style get in touch and we can find something to suit your needs. 

Yearling Headcollar.

A yearling headcollar in black leather featuring brass wire buckles. This style of headcollar is highly adjustable for the growing head.

Thistle Driving Bridle

This Cob size driving bridle features a ring browband and thistle ornaments and matching rosettes.

Donkey Plough Bridles

Three donkey plough bridles featuring oval winker ornaments.


A pair of fully refurbished mowing pads including wood treatments, painting, recovered pads and new strapping.

Stirrup Leathers

Bespoke size stirrup leathers in Sedgwicks black leather.

Raised Double Bridle with Anatomical Headpiece

A double bridle featuring an anatomical headpiece, raised browband and noseband and a 5 strand plaited bradoon rein.

Fancy Foal Slip

Arab size foal slip featuring brass crown buckles in Sedgwicks black bridle butt.

Fancy Loop Square Driving Bridle

Driving Bridle featuring Brass Fancy Metal Loops, Octagon ornaments with Buxton buckles.

Full breeching set

Full Beaching Set including Breeching Seat, Hip strap, Crupper, Linseed stuffed dock and Shaft straps.

Padded Controller Headcollar with Chain leadrein

Fullsize padded "Controller" Headcollar in Dark Havannah with chain leadrein.

Trade Show Stallion Set

Full set of Trade Stallion Set featuring Brass Crown buckles, Clincher browband and yellow patent.

Drop Noseband Bridle with laced rein featuring fancy stitching.

Drop Noseband Bridle with laced rein featuring fancy stitched design.

Bespoke Browband

Bespoke browband designed by client.

Fully restored and refurbished set of trade harness.

Fully restored set of harness.

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