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Can you make a custom size/colour/style

I have a buckle can you make me a belt?

How long does delivery take?

Bespoke commissions are available- just get in touch to discuss! Don't worry if you're not 100% sure of what you want yet, the process is the fun part. Why not have a look at our Portfolio & Shop for some ideas or Book A Call today?

Of course. So long as the buckle is sound and functional that shouldnt be a problem. Get in touch with your ideas and we can start from there. 

It depends. For Ireland and UK delieries can take up to 7 working days. Rest of World can take longer. Delays can happen but we will always try to get in touch to let you know whats happening. For more info check out our delivery options here!

Will the dye run out of the leather?

In the tannery, the finishes used on the leather seal in any dies yet leave the leather slightly pours and “breathable” (like your skin) which, over time are rubbed away through use and wear. To prevent wear of the leather and opening up these pores, regular use of a quality leather feed/conditioner will keep your leather items healthy and supple- think of your skincare routine.


If you’re hard on your leather (getting it wet or lots of use) you’ll need to feed/condition it more regularly! Try to stay away from any oils such as neatsfoot. Good quality leather feed/conditioner shall do the job! Check out our leather care range HERE.

What size should I order?

Check out our sizing guide here! Still worried about the fit? We provide a fitting service to make sure your sizing is just right! 

Can I get leather wet?

Rain happens (especially in Ireland!)! So long as you properly care and feed your leather it will hold up against the elements. However- I wouldn't recommend taking your items deep sea diving or leaving it in the pond overnight!

What's so good about handstitching?

How should I clean my leather?

Handstiching, whilst it takes longer (and therefore costs more) is far superior to a machined stitch. The technique of handstiching with a saddlers stich involves a thread between two needles and an awl. A traditional technique of saddlers involves stitching with a "cast" which, with each stich created a "knot" between the layers of leather. This means that if a stitch breaks- the rest of the stiches will remain in place- unlike that of a machined thread- who hasn't lost a nice shirt to a running thread. Handstiching also uses a waxed thread. This is done for a number of reasons to protect the thread but after time this wax created a plug of sorts in between the layers of leather- making it an incredible secure bond. Take it from someone who has done repairs on old sets of harness- you have to sit and unpick EVERY SINGLE STITCH- and a lot of the time they don't want to come quietly!

Firstly start with the right leather care products- check out our range HERE. Always make sure to let your leather dry naturally and away from direct heat!

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